How many times in a day do you ask yourself “What should I eat?” For most people, this question arises at least once, but most likely three if not more times a day. What you choose to eat is 100% your choice. You can certainly be tempted by the smell or sight of your favorite foods, by advertising and especially by peer pressure but whether you eat it or not, is YOUR decision. Friends do not put that doughnut in your mouth. Restaurants do not put those fries in your mouth. YOU are choosing to eat them.

Without question, choosing the right foods to eat can be hard sometimes. There seems to be an infinite number of different food products to choose from, how do we know which ones are the best ones? It can also be hard to make healthier choices when prepackaged foods and fast food are so easily available to us and are actually promoted to help us save time in our fast-paced society.

It is my goal to provide you with the information you need to help you make healthy food decisions. I can’t wait to delve into topics such as eating out, gluten-free eating, healthy eating as a university/college student, food product reviews, favorite recipes and so much more!

Please join me!

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  1. Now that I’ve reached the “end” of my exploration of your blog, I’m looking forward to everything new that you will be sharing in the future. Thanks again, so much, Mary-Margaret (hope I have your name right). 😀

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