What is a nutritious diet?

Please notice that I said a “nutritious” diet, not a “healthy” diet. You can eat all the fruits and vegetables in the world, or have a lettuce salad everyday for lunch, and say you have a healthy diet. These are most certainly healthy food items, however you have to make sure you are getting not only the right nutrients everyday but the right amount of these nutrients to keep your body healthy!

Here is what I have learned in my classes about a nutritious diet:

A nutritious diet is a diet that provides the proper combination of nutrients and energy to meet our needs and is adequate, moderate, varied and balanced. I could not agree more with this definition because it covers all the important factors in a diet. The diet needs to be:

  • Adequate in nutrients to meet our needs,
  • Moderate in the quantity of food we consume (i.e. portion sizes) to get the right amount of nutrients,
  • Varied in the assortment of foods we eat to get a variety of nutrients,
  • Balanced in consuming combinations of food to achieve the right balance of nutrients

Let’s put all this into context to get a clearer picture. Take this situation for example: even if your diet is ADEQUATE in meat, it is not BALANCED unless it is also ADEQUATE in veggies.

Let’s all strive for a nutritious diet!

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