Healthy-Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I thought I would share a few suggestions on how to make sure the only thing stuffed this weekend is your turkey! 😉


  • Don’t “fast” the day-of Thanksgiving dinner, but on the other hand don’t eat huge meals either. Make sure you get enough at breakfast and lunch to tie you through the day without having to snack. The more you snack, the less hungry you’re going to be at dinner and the more likely you are to overeat.
  • Be active. Don’t be a couch potato all weekend. Your body is going to need to digest all that food and it will digest more efficiently if you are active. Even just a short walk after dinner with your family or friends is perfect.
  • Make healthy choices when possible. If you are trying to be health conscious, there are a few things you can do to try and make your meal more “healthy.” Maybe put half the gravy on your meat and potatoes than you normally would. Try not to add butter to your potatoes (they are likely already buttered!) Try to get a decent amount of vegetables on your plate. And definitely say no to that dollop of whip cream on top of your pie!
  • Portion your plate accordingly. Don’t fill half your plate with potatoes, a quarter stuffing, a quarter turkey and then squeeze in vegetables where you can. The more colorful your plate, the better! Enjoy equal portions of every dish.
  • Eat slowly. It is easy to get carried away stuffing our face with mouth-watering food. Instead, try and take the time to savor each mouthful. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the conversation. Enjoy the company.
  • If you are stuffed after the main course, opt to have dessert later. You will still get to eat it! You will just save yourself from overeating and give your body a chance to digest and recover before giving it more food.
  • EAT IN MODERATION! I know it is SO incredibly tempting to have second helpings of stuffing, potatoes and turkey but is it really worth to feel miserable and sick later? I don’t think so. Instead try having small helpings of everything. Those creamy mashed potatoes might be irresistible but you know what? More than likely there are going to be leftovers and you can enjoy some tomorrow. And the next day if you’re lucky!
  • Know that it is OKAY to indulge!! Thanksgiving is a celebration, not a jail-sentence for your diet. You will absolutely not gain ten pounds just from Thanksgiving dinner (although it might feel like it after you’ve eaten!) It is OKAY to have mashed potatoes. It is OKAY to have gravy. It is OKAY to have a dinner roll. It is OKAY to have a slice of pie. Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so enjoy it!

All in all, Thanksgiving is more about spending time with family and friends than the food. Food is just a scrumptious bonus! Don’t let food or diet insecurities stand in the way of enjoying everything Thanksgiving has to offer. Simply be mindful of your food choices and portion sizes and you will be just fine!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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