Hot Yoga

I know this is a food blog but I HAVE to share this with you. As of two weeks ago I can accurately say I was not a yoga do-er. I had never done yoga of any kind before or never even really thought about trying it. Two of my close school friends are yogi’s and they’ve always mentioned that I should get into it too. A yoga studio downtown had a promotion where they offered free yoga classes to students for a week, so I figured, oh why not and went to a class with them.

Friends, I was changed.

I am now a yoga do-er.

The studio we went to doesn’t do just any kind of yoga, they do “hot yoga.” As my BFF said: “I never thought hot yoga meant it literally would be hot. I thought hot yoga meant sexy and sensual.” Yeah …. not so much. The class takes place in a room that is about 100F – roughly the temperature of a sauna. It feels amazing as you lay there in shevasna; you can almost hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach. But as soon as you start moving, the sweat starts dripping. Every single person who comes out of a hot yoga class looks like they just went swimming. No exaggeration. Seriously soaked from head to toe. Myself included. Sure it might be gross, but as you feel the sweat drip off the end of your nose, you can’t help but feel like you’re doing something right, you know? Not to mention all the toxins you’re sweating out WHILE building muscle strength and increasing your flexibility!

Hot yoga is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. There are almost no words to describe the feeling afterwards. Your skin feels baby-bum smooth. Your body feels light as a feather, almost gliding to your car or the bus stop. You feel taller, leaner and stronger already. You feel SO refreshed and like you can take on any task.  You are already craving your next hot yoga class. *Sigh*. I got home that night, took a shower and slept like a rock. Uh-mazing experience. I’m happy to report I was able to make it to two more classes during that free week and I will be going once a week from now on!

Now I’ve only done “hot” yoga, but I can definitely see the benefits in doing any kind of yoga. It is a fabulous way to strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, de-stress, relax and connect with your inner self. After only 3 classes my legs already felt stronger, my stomach a bit tighter and even my posture was better! Seriously. I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone give yoga a try at least once!

Namaste 🙂

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  1. LOVE yoga! My go-to exercise for any stress, aches or pains. (I love stretching in general). But the idea of “hot yoga” has never been appealing to me. I guess I’m just not that much into sweating, lol (to my detriment, no doubt). But I’ve met many who love it, so to be fair to it and to myself, I should probably give it a try before coming to any real conclusion. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I admit the amount that one sweats in a hot yoga class is rather disgusting, BUT it is easy to push aside when (1) you feel so incredible at the end of a class, and (2) you know the sweat can easily be washed away by a refreshing shower. This is something else I need to get back to! (Hot yoga, not showering lol)

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