eggnogChristmas is just days away and with it comes an abundance of tasty food and drinks. One of these such beverages is eggnog, a holiday favorite for many. Eggnog is traditionally made with milk, sugar, raw eggs and a hint of spice, although there are many variations including ones made with cream instead of milk and others with added vanilla for flavor.

Unfortunately, like many delicious things, eggnog is not really good for us:

  • One cup of eggnog contains approximately 350 calories
  • The majority of eggnog’s carbohydrates come from sugar
  • Eggnog is very high in fat (almost half of its calories come from fat!)
  • It is also very high in cholesterol (one cup of eggnog contains half of the daily recommended maximum for cholesterol)

I recently read that the effects of fat and cholesterol in one cup of eggnog is equivalent to eating seven strips of bacon. Yes, SEVEN. I now never want to drink eggnog again. Ever.

Now after saying that, I will be honest with you. We do have a carton of eggnog in our fridge as I write this. However, it is “soynog” by So Nice. I didn’t even know such a thing existed! After looking at the nutritional facts, it appears to be significantly better than normal eggnog. There aren’t even eggs in it! Just water, soybeans, sugar, spice, natural flavorings (to make it taste like real eggnog I’m assuming) and a whack of added vitamins and minerals. One cup has only 120 calories, 3g of total fat, is cholesterol free and it tastes EXACTLY like regular eggnog. Double thumbs up!!

If you absolutely have to have your traditional eggnog this holiday season, I’d say soynog is an excellent alternative health-wise! Your guests will never know the difference 😉


*Check out my review on So Delicious’ Coconut Milk ‘Nog! As good as I thought So Nice’s ‘Nog was, So Delicious’ is somehow even better! 

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