Acquired Tastes

Last semester in my one nutrition course, we learned that it can take up to TEN exposures to a new food for an infant to start liking it. I think this can be true for any age though! Sometimes we get lucky and it’s love at first taste. Other times, we have to try it multiple times before we think “okay, yeah I can handle this.”

There are several foods that I have “grown” to like over the years:

The reality is if you never try it or eat it, of course you’re never going to like it!

Trying new foods won’t hurt you (despite what some people think! :P) Who knows, you might find your new favorite food and realize you were missing out on something amazing! You just have to take that first step! Try something new this month!

What have you grown to like over the years? Or maybe even just discovered?

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  1. Tried fennel for the first time last night in a stew. Added a very pleasant taste to the stew. Had to google it to see how to cook it and was surprised at how beneficial it is for us. Probably why it is listed in so many of the juice recipies I have been reading.

  2. I could never bring myself to eat Brussels sprouts until I was in my mid-twenties and went on a week-long juice fast. Even though I hadn’t had any for many, many years, I started craving them so much during the fast that they were one of the first things I ate when it was over. And very much to my surprise, I have loved them ever since (40+ years)!
    Other foods I love or enjoy now but would make me gag as a child: avocados, blue cheese (love it but rarely eat it), asparagus. But I still can’t eat soft-boiled eggs. The runny yolks are okay, but I can’t even look at the under-cooked whites, lol, without gagging!

    1. I never used to like avocados either but now I LOVE them! I agree about eggs too. I love them, but uncooked they make my stomach churn. Funny how certain foods affect us like that isn’t it?

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