Food For Thought

Acquired Tastes

Last semester in my one nutrition course, we learned that it can take up to TEN exposures to a new food for an infant to start liking it. I think this can be true for any age though! Sometimes we get lucky and it’s love at first taste. Other times, we have to try it multiple times before we think “okay, yeah I can handle this.”

There are several foods that I have “grown” to like over the years:

The reality is if you never try it or eat it, of course you’re never going to like it!

Trying new foods won’t hurt you (despite what some people think! :P) Who knows, you might find your new favorite food and realize you were missing out on something amazing! You just have to take that first step! Try something new this month!

What have you grown to like over the years? Or maybe even just discovered?

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