“Of Course…You’re Studying Nutrition!”

Since the start of the semester, I’ve been getting together with a few friends every week to work on assignments. The very first time we got together at my friend’s house, she offered us jujubes as a snack.

  • Me: “No thank you”
  • New friend: “You don’t like jujubes?!?!”
  • Me: “I don’t eat candy”
  • New friend (without any hesitation): “Oh you must be studying Nutrition”
  • Friend: “Yeah she’s a total health nut!”

Comments like this really irk me. I don’t not eat candy just because I’m studying nutrition. I didn’t eat candy long before I was studying nutrition or a “health nut.” I don’t eat candy because it is a bunch of processed garbage that is not good for me. I don’t eat a lot of things because they aren’t good for me!

I choose to eat healthy because:


654765465People can laugh, think I’m weird or that I’m missing out on life by not eating pizza or candy (among other things). They can think whatever they want to think. I just laugh and look forward to the day that they walk into my office, sick and looking for food advice!

One thought

  1. Good for you for wanting to take care of your body. Unlike a car, we do not have an unlimited supply of replacement parts. Let us do it right the first time around!

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