(Attempted) Juice Cleanse

Intrigued by the movie Hungry for Change, my family got a juicer just before Christmas and I’ve been dying to try it, but haven’t been able to because I’ve been away at school. Inspired by the juicing benefits I learned watching the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I decided that I wanted to do a juice cleanse during my reading week. I’ve been feeling “blah” inside lately, so I figured a cleanse to give my innards a good reboot couldn’t hurt (plus I would finally be able to use the juicer!!) The plan was to drink only freshly made juice in place of food for the entire nine days I was home. As mentioned in the previous post, juicing allows you to “supercharge” your nutrient intake from the large amounts of fruits and vegetables it takes to make the juice.

Well…..I knew the adjustment was going to be hard but it was a lot harder than I expected! I couldn’t even make it longer than five hours on the first day. I had a headache, was nauseous from lack of food, was sluggish, grumpy and not to mention STARVING! So I caved and ate something. I decided that this juice cleanse might have been crazy idea and no way could I just have juice 24/7 for the next week! My mom encouraged me to not completely give up on juicing, so I decided that I would juice for both breakfast and lunch everyday and then eat a real meal for dinner.

This plan actually worked out really well. I especially loved juicing for breakfast! Number one,  it solved that daily hassle of “what to have for breakfast” and number two, what better way to start your day than with a glass OVERFLOWING with vitamins, minerals and all kinds of other good nutrients. Mmm Mmm Mmm! Near the end of the week, I actually did juice for a whole day and it was awesome. I didn’t have a headache, feel sick, starving, tired or anything. Amazing the power of fruits and vegetables!


Looking back on the experience now, I wish I had stuck it out and done the full cleanse. I’d like to try it again at the start of the summer. Next time I think I’ll ease into it though. Juice for breakfast for a few days, then breakfast and lunch and then work my way to total juicing.


I honestly can’t say I noticed any drastic “results”, presumably because I didn’t do the full cleanse. However, I was aware that my craving for bad foods was significantly less throughout the week and I did have a lot of energy.

Things I learned:

  • Your body DOES adjust to just drinking juice (took mine about 3 days)
  • You CAN feel full from just the juice! The first few days back at school eating real food I was totally stuffed! It just goes to show how heavy some of the food we eat is.
  • It is incredible how non-vegetable-y most of the juices tasted. Amazing what an apple, a little piece of ginger, or a squirt of lemon can do for the taste!
  • Limes are real buggers to peel! (You can juice them with the peel on but I preferred them with the peel off)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of my favorite juice recipes so far!

2 thoughts

  1. omg not eating for 7 days? 😀 I so wish I could do that but nooo way.

    I’m cutting out breads and grains so have been doing fresh juices with kale for breakfast, I love it! I have a great juicer but I’ve been blending my juice instead… i hate cleaning the juicer LOL
    Maybe you know, is it better to juice than blend? don’t you keep more nutrients when blending??


  2. I’m so happy to hear that you have also discovered the joys of juicing! Not eating was definitely hard, but the juice was tasty and filling enough that after a few days I found I didn’t really miss food all that much. Plus it was super convenient to automatically know that I would be having juice for breakfast and lunch everyday. No thinking required! 😉

    I have to agree with you that cleaning the juicer is a bit annoying sometimes – too many pieces! As for the difference between juicing and blending, that is such a great question that I think I might write a post about it in the next few days! Stay tuned!

    Thanks for the great post idea and for reading my blog! 🙂

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