Coconut Yogurt

Ever since I stopped eating dairy I have been searching high and low for a dairy-free yogurt. I used to have one (or two) of those little single-serve yogurts every morning for breakfast and have suffered serious withdrawal from their creamy goodness ever since.

The only “dairy-free” yogurt I was aware of was lactose-free yogurt by the brand Yoso. I admit that I am not a super huge fan of it; it has a really strange taste to me so I generally just stay away from yogurt. Well not anymore! I recently saw an ad in a magazine for coconut yogurt (yes, COCONUT yogurt!) and knew I had to find some to try. I’ve had two different brands now and they were very different from each other.

Yoso’ Unsweetened Premium Cultured Coconut Yogurt

Yoso Coconut Yogurt

This was the first brand I tried and I was immediately impressed with all the food concerns Yoso‘s Unsweetened Coconut Yogurt caters to. Not only is it dairy-free, but it’s also gluten-free, sugar free, soy-free AND artificial flavor free! The lack of sugar did make it a tad bitter which was a bit of an adjustment at first, but after I few bites I absolutely loved it. It tasted so natural, fresh and healthy. And it was creamy, ohhhhh the creaminess. It was hard not to eat the whole container at once! A definite two thumbs up for Yoso’s Coconut Yogurt!!

Because it is pure coconut cream, I wouldn’t eat this on a daily basis as it could be quite fattening, however it would be a scrumptious occasional treat! Besides the unsweetened version, Yoso also makes a chocolate flavor and a vanilla flavor.

‘So Delicious’ Cultured Coconut Milk

So Delicious Coconut YogurtI like to consider myself a pretty nice person, but this yogurt…eww. Compared to the Yoso brand, I was not at all impressed with So Delicious’ version of coconut yogurt. I tried both the plain kind and the vanilla kind and neither really even tasted like coconut, or a food product for that matter. I don’t know what it is about their products, but I am just not a fan of any of them. The vanilla version did taste slightly better than the plain but neither were really “fresh” or “natural” tasting.

The So Delicious brand is dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free, but is NOT sugar-free. So Delicious offers a variety of other flavors for their coconut yogurt including strawberry, raspberry, pina colada, mango, blueberry and chocolate.

The verdict?

Hands down, my vote is ‘Yoso’s’ Unsweetened Premium Cultured Coconut Yogurt. It was absolutely divine!

Do you know of any other “dairy-free” yogurts?

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  1. I tried the Yoso brand myself and absolutely loved it – my sister has celiac and cannot eat dairy either so I’m forever on the lookout for GF and DF for her – doesn’t mean i don’t get to reap the benefits either by giving them a try! I tried the Soy delicious brand (just today). Ew. Tastes vinegary and actually really, really gross. Definitely stick to the Yoso brands! Great site….

    1. So glad you found happiness with the Yoso brand! I completely agree about So Delicious. I just can’t seem to get into any of their dairy products…they just don’t taste right to me. Yoso all the way!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog! 🙂

  2. I just tried Yoso unsweetened coconut yogurt for the first time last week. It was fantastic! I can’t say enough good about. for about the last 12 years I have not been able to eat any dairy products. I used to like yogurt, but I preferred plain. So, when I saw the Yoso unsweetened coconut yogurt I though I would give it a try. it is better than actual dairy yogurt. Please, send more to Winnipeg!


  3. Here in North Carolina, I haven’t seen the Yoso brand of coconut yogurt, not even in Whole Foods, our “Fresh Market” or any other. I will have to google them to see where I can hopefully find it! Sounds delicious!
    The So Delicious brand is the only one I have had experience with, and although I didn’t think it was “ew” (I’m pretty easy to please), I rarely eat it straight. Instead, I use it to make my own homemade coconut milk yogurt (or soy).
    What I do is boil 2 (or sometimes 3) Bubbie’s brand sauerkraut jars (forget how much they hold) in a large soup kettle (completely covering the jars with water), along with lids & utensils (tongs, large spoon, whisk). When cooled enough, I use the tongs to remove each jar, empty the water and move to a smaller pan that will just hold the 3.
    I then use the large spoon to portion equal amounts from 1 medium container of So Delicious yogurt into the jars and then fill them to the top with coconut milk (or sometimes soy, for the protein). I then use the whisk to stir them as well as I can, screw on the lids, fill the pan with warm tap water, and let them sit for 10 to 12 hours (approx), until thickened. Periodically I empty the water to refill with warm water, and shake them jars well to help distribute the yogurt.
    When thick enough for me to believe it’s really yogurt (though never nearly as thick as regular yogurt; more like a kefir), I refrigerate the jars and use in smoothies or chia pudding in place of milk. It works pretty well for me, and the resulting “yogurt” tastes much more like the milk I use to make it than like the So Deliious yogurt I started with. Haven’t tried it yet with almond milk, but that will be my next experiment.
    Anyway, Mary-Margaret, just want to thank you again for all the work you’ve put into sharing in this blog. There isn’t a recipe I haven’t felt exited to try, and I will report back each time I do, to let you know how much I enjoyed them (I know I will!). BTW, I left a comment today also at the end of your blog about the Kale Caesar salad. Thanks so much again! I LOVE your blog. (And may I assume you are, at this point, a “professional”?)

    1. Oh Cheryl, I hate to be a letdown here, but Yoso is actually a Canadian brand and is currently only available in Canada. Sorry about that, I guess I should add that to my post. Glad you’ve had success with So Delicious though! Each of our tastbuds are different, so what I don’t like, others might and vice versa. Your yogurt making process sounds quite intricate, wow! Good for you for giving it a whirl though. Sounds delicious!

      I consider myself an ALMOST professional. I do have a degree in Nutrition, however I do not have a professional designation…yet. That is what I am currently working towards at school, and even though I already have a degree, I am still learning a ton! So much so in fact, that I need to do a serious upgrade to my blog with all this new information I am learning. I am so excited to share it all, so stay tuned!

      1. Thank you so much for your quick response, and what a disappointment to learn that Yoso is not available in the states! From your description, I am sure if I had an opportunity to compare it with the So Delicious brand, I would prefer it as well!
        As to my own homemade version, it sounds more complicated than it really is. I can’t believe how many years I waited before attempting it because I thought it would be a daunting task, but it actually is pretty simple and takes little time.
        And as to future updates to your blog’s info, I really look forward to it! Thanks again for sharing so much. 😀

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