Diets DON’T Work!!


Are you one of the millions of Canadians and Americans who have tried a diet? Surprised that you didn’t lose as much weight as you wanted? Or any weight at all? Or that you gained it all back three months later? Or maybe your diet turned into a D.I.E.T like the above image? Here’s a secret:


“But Food For Thought! I lost 10 pounds on a carb-free month-long diet.” Well sure you did. You cut back on a high-sugar, higher calorie item that you’d normally eat in excess. So of course you lost some weight! No doubt you gained it all back not so long after your diet “finished.” Up to 2/3 of people on a diet actually regain MORE weight than when they started!

Why don’t diets work?

Diets are a TEMPORARY solution. They take a category of food that our body needs, and temporarily eliminate it. And weight is temporarily lost. That’s the thing about diets. They are TEMPORARY. Think of it like borrowing money from Peter to pay Paul.

People expect there to be a magic solution, like a pill, or a finger snap, that will fix all their health/weight loss problems permanently. Well there is one, JUST one, but it’s not the one people want. It takes time and a lot of work and strength, but it IS possible.

So what’s this magic cure you ask?

A healthy lifestyle full of healthy eating and healthy living.


It really is that simple!

“Permanents results only come from PERMANENT changes in lifestyle and diet. You don’t get permanently well unless you permanently change the way you live” – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


My mom recently ran into a cardiac patient, who was astounded to hear that my dad was on little to no medication after his heart attack and wondered how in the world he possibly managed that. “Diet and exercise” my mom replied. This patient was just floored that something so simple and natural and was the solution.

It boggles my mind that people can’t see how beneficial a healthy lifestyle really is. It absolutely takes work, there is no question, but it is absolutely worth it in my mind. I find it hard to understand why others don’t feel the same.  I guess people would rather be sick and fat, than cut the daily fast food trips, become more active, have beautiful skin, sleep well, be on no medication and have the energy to really live. This is your LIFE we’re talking about here, not a game where you get to roll the dice and try again! You only get one. ONE roll. ONE chance. ONE life.

So on that note:


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