How Much Real Meat Is In a Chicken Nugget?

A few years ago I found out what chicken nuggets are really made of and I am somewhat disgusted with myself to report that I have  eaten chicken nuggets since then. They’re “chicken” nuggets, aren’t they made of chicken, you ask? You bet chicken nuggets are made from chicken. Alllll the parts of a chicken to be exact. This recent article on investigates how much real meat is actually in chicken nuggets. More than we think? WRONG.

images A new study that looked at nuggets from two different fast food chains found that less than HALF the nugget was actual chicken meat. The rest was chicken fat, skin, bone, and tissue and cells from the chicken’s internal organs. Gross gross GROSS.

Chicken nuggets aren’t a super healthy menu option to begin with because they are fried and breaded, but that doesn’t seem to deter people away from eating them. Maybe these questionable ingredients will? On the other hand, some argue that there is nothing wrong with consuming these kinds of products because other countries consume entire animals, as do other mammals. So why shouldn’t we?

I’m actually so happy to have found this article. It’s been a great reminder and confirmation to me that I don’t want to eat chicken nuggets anymore. Knowing what they’re made of totally turns me off, and as tasty as they are, I think I can make healthier choices. No more chicken nuggets for me!

How do you feel about what chicken nuggets are made of?

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