The Vitamix Blender

Here in Canada, there is a TV show aimed at kids called “Mighty Machines.” Each episode looks at a different big machine like a plane or a bulldozer and how it works. The Vitamix may not fit the criteria for the show, but there is no question that it is one mighty machine!


“The Vitamix is renowned as the world’s most versatile and durable blender and is trusted by more professional chefs than any other blender. The Vitamix allows you to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, puree and more with just one machine! With just a drop of dish soap and warm water, the Vitamix self-cleans in 30 seconds.”

I was so excited to be able to try our new Vitamix when I came home for Christmas break and all I can say is WOW! You really can’t argue with the above claims that Vitamix makes about its blender. It is an absolutely incredible piece of machinery. My smoothies have never been so creamy and smooth. The Vitamix blends up things like spinach, avocado and nuts into a perfect smoothie consistency. Both the pureed sweet potatoes (for Sweet Potato Oatmeal Bars) and soup we made with the Vitamix came out perfect too!

The Vitamix is by far THE best blender I have ever used and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new blender. It is a little (okay, a lot) expensive, but save up your pennies because it is totally worth it!

Visit the Vitamix website to learn more about this mighty machine!

Do you have a favorite blender?

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