Super Size Me

Let me start by saying that I am not a fast-food eater and never really have been. As a kid I occasionally ate out at places like McDonald’s or Tim Hortons (those darn playgrounds at McDonald’s, so inviting for kids!), but it was extremely occasional. The most fast-food I eat now is a light salad or something similar if I’m on a road trip and have no other option, but other than that I don’t ever eat fast-food. I’ve never even been to a Harvey’s, Burger King, A&W or Taco Bell!

The last time I ate at McDonald’s was in grade 12. I went on a school trip to New York City and part of the trip was to Chinatown for dinner. My friends and I, being the non-Chinese-food-loving type, ended up at the only non-Chinese food place in Chinatown – McDonald’s. I was so reluctant to eat there because the thought of their fatty, processed, prepackaged food really disgusted me but I was starving and knew that it was my one and only chance to eat something before breakfast the next day. So I tried to play it safe and got a chicken snack wrap (or something like that. I can’t quite remember). Turned out even that wasn’t safe. I felt so sick that night that I swore I would never eat at McDonald’s again even if it was the last food-service place on Earth. I have not eaten there since.

I have heard a lot of talk about this movie in the past and being a Nutrition student, I decided it was probably time that I watched it.


All I can say is WOW.

If you eat fast-food, you have to watch this movie. If you are looking to cut down your fast-food intake, you have to watch this movie. If you are looking for some healthy-eating inspiration, you have to watch this movie. If you are looking for a movie about food to boggle your mind, you HAVE to watch this movie. Seriously. My jaw was on the floor 5 minutes in.

Morgan Spurlock is your average, healthy, fit American. He wants to do an experiment on himself to create awareness about the current obesity epidemic in the United States. He decides that for one month, he will eat only food from McDonald’s.

Fast forward fourteen months and Morgan is finally back to his pre-experiment health. That’s right, FOURTEEN months of healing for one month of damage. I knew before watching this movie that places like McDonald’s were not healthy for you and could cause health problems but I didn’t know exactly how drastic those problems could be. It is seriously frightening.

Now, this movie is primarily focused on McDonald’s, but that doesn’t mean that other fast-food joints any healthier or fine to eat at regularly. Nuh uh. It is the processed, already-prepared, pre-packaged food they all serve that is the problem. Of course it’s “fast” food, it was cooked three weeks ago and loaded with additives and preservatives to keep it that way until you go to Mickey D’s and order your Big Mac!

There are many other stories about people eating off the “healthy” menu at McDonald’s for a length of time and losing weight, or doing something similar at Starbucks or Subway. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what kind of “healthy” menu a fast-food place has, it’s still “fast” food and fast-food is complete and utter garbage.

When was the last time YOU ate fast-food? How did you feel afterwards?

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  1. just curious… what do you really think of eating fast food?
    seriously, great comments that will hopefully awaken any who read it, Way to call it like you see it!

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