BELL Master Herbalist Series – Product #24 Allergy Relief

AHHHH I have tears in my eyes! No, not itchy, scratchy, watery, allergy tears. Not anymore anyways. Tears of happiness because those itchy, scratchy, watery allergy tears are GONE!

I guess you could say I’ve “grown into” my allergies. They just showed up a few years ago, completely out of the blue. Needless to say I was not too impressed. This year my allergies seemed to be exceptionally bad, I’m not sure if it was just a bad season all around or if it was just me. In any case, NOTHING helped. I couldn’t find any relief anywhere. Claritin didn’t work at all, on rare occasions Reactine gave me a tiny smidgen of relief and Benadryl kind-of-sort-of worked, probably only because it knocked me out so I couldn’t remember I had allergies. Ha.

My alleriges were so bad that I had to stay inside some days because I just couldn’t handle all the sneezing and congestion of being outside. I couldn’t even drive with the window down because of people cutting their grass and those darn white fluffies floating through the air. On the other hand, staying inside meant vacuuming my house three times a day and wanting to ship my cat off to Timbuktu. Basically I needed to live in a bubble away from all possible allergens for the entire spring/summer season with one of these:


Fun fun fun fun fun.

A few weeks ago I finally said enough was enough. I was sick of my head feeling like a fuzzy balloon 24/7, being unable to breathe, and tired of blowing (literally) through half a box of Kleenex every day. Willing to try anything, I went over to the local Natural Health store to see what they had. I was directed to BELL Master Herbalist Series Product #24 Allergy Relief, which they said has received great reviews from their customers.



Well, I certainly cannot argue with those great customer reviews. Twenty-four hours after taking this product for the first time, I was completely symptom free.


No more sneezing, itchy throat, scratchy watery eyes, stuffy nose, or fuzzy balloon head! I can bury my face in my cat’s fur as much as I want to. I can drive with the window down. I can go outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and even roll around in the freshly-cut grass if I wanted to. It is amazing!

I cannot say enough good things about this product and the relief it has given me! I know they say “never say never” but I am NEVER going back to those waste-of-money allergy pharmaceuticals! Thank you Bell for allowing me to breathe again!

The Master Herbalist Series by Bell has over 50 natural products for everything from allergies, fertility, blood sugar regulation, joint pain, snoring and migraines, to constipation, colds & flus, acid reflux, vision problems, hearing loss and help quitting smoking.

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How do you find relief from your allergies?

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