My Top 5 Food Dislikes

While I am far from a picky eater, there are a few foods that absolutely make my stomach churn.


One night at work, the vegetables served at dinner were beets and asparagus. I thought to myself “well, if this was me, I would only be eating meat tonight” because I hate both of those vegetables. It really got the wheels turning as to what other foods I don’t like, and thus this blog post was born!

Let the countdown begin!

#5 – Asparagus / Organ meats (it’s a tie!) 



When I was younger my Mom tried to pass off asparagus as beans. It worked for a while but I eventually caught on! It has such a weird flavour to me, and is so darn chewy and stringy.

I also do not enjoy organ meats. They are not staples in my family’s diet, but my parents do enjoy liver on rare occasions and I have tried a bite before. Not only does it smell like mouldy socks when cooking, but the texture….*shudders*. Embarrassingly enough, I found out just a few years ago that my Mom cooks up the neck and heart from our Thanksgiving turkey and adds it to her homemade turkey soup. I always wondered why there were funny tasting bits of “turkey” in there! Moms are so sneaky!!! I can’t say that I will be doing the same with my future turkeys!

#4 – Seafood


Seafood is a huge no-go, except for tuna, salmon and imitation crab (does this mean I’d like real crab?) Even then I have to be in the right mood to have any of those, and those moments are rare. Seafood is just not my favourite. It is so……fishy. Yuck.

#3 – Olives


It is SO weird to me how people can eat olives straight, like grapes. I have never been able to get into their flavour.

#2 – Spicy Food 



Spicy food is completely out of the question. I enjoy food with spices for flavour, but I do not enjoy spices for hotness. They do not feel right in my stomach, nor do I enjoy breathing fire after meals. Spicy and me are not meant to be!

#1 – Beets


Without question, the number one spot is reserved for beets. They taste like complete and utter dirt to me…literally. When I was younger, the rule in my house was “clear your plate before you leave the table” but let me tell you, no amount of butter or ketchup could make me eat those beets any faster, or disguise their dirt flavour. It was always a struggle to choke them down so I could leave the dinner table. They are the worst!

Surprised that brussels sprouts aren’t on the list? Me too! I had actually never had them before until a few years ago when my Aunt made this brussels sprouts/apple/almond dish for Christmas. Surprisingly, the brussels sprouts tasted okay! That being said, I haven’t had them since, or had them in any other form, so my evaluation might be a little skewed, but cooked right they seem okay. They’re definitely not my first choice for a vegetable though.

What’s on your top five food dislike list? Would you like to see a “favourites” list?

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  1. The same rule about “clearing your plate” prevailed in our house when I was growing up as well. As a result acorn squash is not a favourite of mine. I remember sitting down to dinner while at my Aunt’s house one summer and having a serving of squash that at the time felt like it covered more than half my plate. Being the good girl I was, I choked it down. It has only been in the last few years that I have managed to eat a small serving of said vegetable thanks to the added butter and maple syrup. The jury is still out on brussels sprouts but let me tell you that black olives are now in. Like you I was puzzled how people could eat them like grapes but with maturity my taste buds have grown fond of their flavour and texture. So you never know, what you dislike today might one day actually please your palette.

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