Storing Kale

Leafy greens are a wonderful addition to any meal, but they often don’t last long in the fridge before going wilty or bad. My family is so excited to have found what we think is the most optimal way to store our kale!

We have these Tupperware containers that are made to store celery but we have found them to be perfect for kale too!


First, cut the kale leaves off of their stems. Watch out for bugs and leafy green worms; you wouldn’t want to accidentally eat one of these guys!


Once all the leaves are ready, put a little water in the container under the tray, then add the kale leaves, put a lid on it and store the container in the fridge.

*It is important that you DON’T wash the kale until you are ready to use it. If you wash it before storing, then it will wilt and go bad much faster. The little bit of water in the bottom of the container provides enough hydration for the leaves while they are stored.


When stored this way, we have found the kale can last for up to a month. Yes, a MONTH, compared to just a few days when you leave it in its bunch in the fridge. Wow!

Don’t worry, any other Tupperware container works fine too! However, something like the celery one is more optimal because the tray in the bottom prevents the water from actually touching the leaves, which keeps them for longer.


When it does come time to use your kale, be sure to give it a good wash in a sink of water, or with a salad spinner.

How do you store your kale?

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