Fat Works: Healthy Fats for Healthy People

Now that we’re in an open and loving relationship with fats (see my previous post about fat myths), let’s talk about how we can use fat in our daily diets.

Aside from eating various forms of fat (nuts, fish, etc.), we can also cook with fat. In today’s society many of us are accustomed to cooking with oil, which, while beneficial in some ways, is not always the ideal choice. Unsaturated oils like olive oil, vegetable oils, avocado oils, etc. can actually become rancid when heated due to their unstable chemical formations. It is much safer and healthier to use a saturated fat like butter, lard or coconut oil to cook with.

Enter Fat Works, a company that is all about allllll the fats. Their employees, known as “Fattitude Adjusters,” are working hard to bring fat back!


Photo credit: Fat Works

Fat Works offers a unique variety of fats sourced from pasture-raised, non-GMO fed animals. Taking care of the animals and providing high-quality products? Yes please!

Now, we are all familiar with butter, the fat from cow’s milk, but what about other forms of animal fat? Although it’s similar to butter, I’ve been using ghee (clarified butter) for several years now and can’t get enough. It somehow tastes better than butter, and is sensational on a slice of fresh homemade gluten-free bread, or drizzled on warm vegetables. Mmm mmm mmm!

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of Fat Works’ Duck Fat, and boy oh boy is it tasty! Smooth and rich, duck fat adds fat-tastic flavour to vegetables, eggs, tofu, soup, anything really.


Other Fat Works products include:

Talk about options! Their selection of different fats makes me think back to a food festival I attended in Nova Scotia, where a chef spoke on ‘nose-to-tail’ eating. This custom, which our ancestors no doubt participated in to prevent waste after catching their kill for the day, involves consuming the entire animal from nose to tail. To me all of these fat products are part of that theory, where the fat from animals is being used for a good purpose, rather than being thrown out and wasted.

Overall I am super impressed with:

  1. The quality of Fat Works’ products (pastured, grass-fed, non-GMO, etc.)
  2. The taste of Fat Works’ products
  3. The variety of Fat Works products – why limit yourself to just butter, when you can have such a delicious variety of fat?!!

The only downside I’ve found is regarding the cost of shipping for those outside the USA  – it’s a bit of a kicker. Your best bet is to bulk order and really get your money’s worth for shipping, or you can always put your order together with a friend and split on the shipping (my preferred method.)

If you’re looking to get away from rancid oils or just looking for more fat options, I highly recommend Fat Works! All their products are completely paleo and keto friendly too.

You can learn more about Fat Works and their products by visiting their website here.

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