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Cantaloupe Soup

From berries to cherries and stone fruits to melons, my tastebuds are overflowing with the juicy, fruity goodness of summer!

My family has been making this refreshing soup for as long as I can remember and like wine, it’s only gotten better with age. The original recipe calls for sour cream but we substitute coconut yogurt instead – it’s heavenly!

Don’t let the simplicity of the recipe fool you into thinking the result is only mediocre; I promise you’ll be scraping the bowl for every last drop!

Cantaloupe Soup

Slice melons in half and scoop out seeds. Peel and then roughly chop into cubes. Add to a large bowl along with remaining ingredients. Using a spatula, mix together until melon is coated. Transfer to a high-speed blender in batches and blend until smooth, about 1 minute for each batch. Store in the refrigerator. Serve chilled and garnished with lime zest if desired. Makes approximately 6 servings.

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